Apparently SSE feature not working as expected when you upgrade Payara 5 releases

I am in the process to upgrade Payara from an old release (Payara Micro 5.201) to a newer Payara Micro 5.2022.5. The new deployments works almost entirely well except that several SSE broadcast endpoints are not working as expected. There is no error associated, simply not broadcasting any event.

Please note that this code is working several years perfectly on PayaraMicro 5.201. On Payara 5.2023.5 doesn’t throw any error but the broadcasters seem not to work as expected.

Please if you have any clue about it, i’d appreciate any help.

Please find below several snippets of code.
JDK 11.

    /* Keeps a SSE broadcaster */
    private SseBroadcaster broadcaster;
   /* Injects SSE instance */
    Sse sse;
    /*  Creates a new SSE broadcaster */
    this.broadcaster = sse.newBroadcaster();
    @Produces(MediaType.SERVER_SENT_EVENTS) // sse
    public void getTrackingEvents(@Context SseEventSink eventSink) {
    final OutboundSseEvent event = sse.newEvent("test Event");
    // this.sse.newEventBuilder().name("event").mediaType(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_TYPE)
    // .data(String.class, message.getCommand()).build();

Hi @joe,

Payara Community 5 is no longer supported as of December 2022. I would instead recommend upgrading to the latest version of Payara Community 6 (At the time of writing that’s 6.2023.4) and testing if this issue still occurs. If it does I would raise an issue over on GitHub for our support team to investigate and track: Issues · payara/Payara · GitHub

Alternatively, if you still need Jakarta EE 8, Payara 5 Enterprise will continue to be supported as a Jakarta EE 8 certified runtime until 2028 for JDK 8 and JDK 17, and until 2026 for JDK 11. With a Payara Enterprise subscription you would get access to our support portal and priority support. Find out more here: Payara Enterprise – Payara Services Ltd

Best Regards,