AS-WSMETROGLUE-10010 message missing from server.log in payara5 startup sequence


Message AS-WSMETROGLUE-10010 seems to be related to startup of “Web service endpoint deployment events listener” component.

The result of that message missing is, that no wsdl-based web services are activated and there is not one single AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00018 message in the following startup sequence log. Among others, internal __wstx-services components seem to fall in this category.

This situation seems to randomly appear and disappear by doing undeployments/deployments and/or domain restarts.

I have tried to find a pattern here, but so far being unsuccessful.

What might be causing AS-WSMETROGLUE-10010 to be missing at domain start sequence and causing the related problems?

I am on Windows 11, running Payara on java 17, but reportedly this has happened also on SLES 15 & jdk 17.