Benefits of Migrating from Oracle WebLogic to Payara Server Enterprise

Mar 21, 2022 01:00PM GMT
Steve Millidge, Founder of Payara Services Limited & Jon Weatherill, Payara Sales Consultant talk about the benefits of migrating from Oracle WebLogic to Payara Server Enterprise.

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Running Oracle WebLogic in production?

It’s likely you are facing challenges due to irregular releases and component upgrades, lack of MicroProfile Support, rigid subscription model, steep penalties associated with licence audits, lack of flexible clustering options – and wishing you had better monitoring capabilities.

During Talks with Payara we would like to discuss with you the solution to these common WebLogic problems you face. Payara Server is a Jakarta EE compatible application server with monthly releases and component upgrades – as well as natively supported OAuth2/OpenID Connect, support for MicroProfile, and the availability of a microservices distribution (Payara Micro).

Therefore, if you are not pleased with the current state or find services you currently use too expensive, we are happy to help!

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