Can't change Hazelcast port 5900 in Windows/Netbeans

I have Windows10, Netbeans 14, Installed Payara Server 5.2022.3 via the Netbeans Server panel.
When I try to start the server, I get this warning:

WARNING:   []:4900 [development] [4.2.4] Connection[id=539, />/, qualifier=null, endpoint=[]:5900, alive=false, connectionType=NONE, planeIndex=-1] closed. Reason: Exception in Connection[id=539, />/, qualifier=null, endpoint=[]:5900, alive=true, connectionType=NONE, planeIndex=-1], thread=hz.distracted_mendel.IO.thread-in-1
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unknown protocol: RFB

Yet when I change the port in C:\Users\craig\Payara5\glassfish\domains\domain1\config\domain.xml
system-property name=“HZ_LISTENER_PORT” value=“6900”

The change does not take, from the error message it is still trying port 5900. What am I doing wrong?