CDI is not available

I have a bunch of spring framework6 java/kotlin web applications that I maintain. They are currently on a payara5 server getting ready to move to payara6. For this move we are moving to JDK17/EE10. I’ve ran into an error when deploying any of the spring apps into payara6.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: CDI is not available

We are only using springs dependency injection. CDI has never been configured, but Payara6 seems to want to require this. If I add a blank beans.xml file to the project, it deploys without any issues. After a bit of googling, I found a post on StackOverFlow where someone indicated they talked to a Spring developer where he indicated this was a Payara issue. So I guess I’m just hoping this is on the radar, or if there’s already something I can do to prevent from having to add a blank file to all the projects?

I found this post. Record requires ASM8 - #11 by dtewari
Looks like it’s “fixed”. But maybe not quite working the way it should?