Complete token list for access log format

I’m looking for some reference documentation describing tokens that are allowed in Format field of Access Logging HTTP Service configuration (the default setting is “ %auth-user-name% %datetime% %request% %status% %response.length%”.


Firstly, go to the admin consoleConfigurationsserver-configHTTP Service and then click on Help at the top right.

At the pop-up help page scroll to the Format, the available access log fields are there.

Furthermore, the following are the copied from that help page.


    String value that specifies what information is to be captured in the access log and the order in which it is captured. The default value is as follows: %auth-user-name% %datetime% %request% %status% %response.length%

    The following values are available for inclusion in the format string:
        Logs the value (by calling its toString method) of the request attribute with the given name

        Name of authorized user
        Client host name

        Client DNS
        The value of the request cookie with the given name

        The value of the first cookie found in the request

        System date

        Full HTTP request line


        Response content length

        Referer header

        User agent header

        HTTP method

        HTTP URI

        HTTP query string

        HTTP protocol version

        Accept header
        Date header

        If-Modified-Since header

        Authorization header

        Any valid HTTP header value defined in RFC 2616 (any is also a valid header value; it is specified as a variable here)
        The value of the session attribute with the name name, or NULL-SESSION-ATTRIBUTE-name if the named attribute does not exist in the session, or NULL-SESSION if no session exists

        Time (in milliseconds) it took to service each request
        Virtual server ID

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Thank you. That’s what I was looking for.

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