Hazelcast entity processor getting null pointer exception on partitions allocated to the DAS node

Is it possible to exclude the DAS node from hazelcast partition groups?

I am using hazelcast to store state:

  private HazelcastInstance hazelcastInstance;

  IMap<Integer, HashSet<Integer>> chunkInfoMap = hazelcastInstance.getMap(MAP_NAME);
  boolean done = chunkInfoMap.executeOnKey(key, new AddChunkEntryProcessor(chunkNum, max));

AddChunkEntryProcessor adds the chunkNum in the HashSet and checks if the HashSet.length == max.

And when the key is allocated to the DAS node it gets null pointer exception.

key: 42781301 on partition owner: Member []:4900

The entity is processed correctly if it is on a Payara server instance with the application deployed.

key: 378550009 on partition owner: Member []:5900