How to update payara server dependency version?


I’m not experienced with such a problem please give me an advise how to solve it. I’m using newest Azure-sdk-for-java library in my war project and I get this error:

Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'reactor.util.context.ContextView reactor.core.publisher.MonoSink.contextView()'
	at reactor.netty.http.client.HttpClientConnect$HttpObserver.<init>(
	at reactor.netty.http.client.HttpClientConnect$MonoHttpConnect.lambda$subscribe$0(
	at reactor.core.publisher.MonoCreate.subscribe(

Google says that I need to use reactor-core version >3.4.17, but Payara CE 5.2022.5 is shipped with v3.4.0. Adding as a dependency in my war pom.xml does not solve this problem, standalone test Java app with the same Azure-sdk java library working as expected