Keeping MicroProfile properties on redeploy


I’m wondering if it is somehow possible to keep application properties, especially MicroProfile properties, on redeploy. I tried to check the boxes “Keep state” and “Preserve Application Scoped Resources” in the redeploy form, but to no avail.

Actually I’m most interested in keeping the properties when redeploying from maven with the cargo-plugin.

Thanks for any suggestions!


PS: I’m aware about the MicroProfile properties on the server level, but as this server is used by different applications that might use the same property-names, I’m not too happy to define them there.

Hi Dirk,

I’m afraid that this is a missing feature in Payara Server. I recommend raising this as an enhancement request on Payara github project: Issues · payara/Payara · GitHub.

You can vote on your issue and encourage other community users to vote on it to increase its priority, as described in the Payara Community Support document.

All the best,

Hi Ondro,

thanks for confirming my suspicion, and pointing me to the github page! I’ll try my luck there :-).

Take care

Here’s the issue for anyone interested: Enhancement: Keeping MicroProfile properties on redeploy · Issue #5731 · payara/Payara · GitHub

If you give it a “thumbs up” it should count positively in the hopefully opened voting process :-).