No ComponentInvocation present for @Transactional annotation processing


I see the following message in my logs:

[#|2022-03-07T12:52:51.854+0000|WARNING|Payara 5.2021.10|javax.enterprise.resource.jta|_ThreadID=235;_ThreadName=__ejb-thread-pool11;_TimeMillis=1646657571854;_LevelValue=900;_MessageID=AS-JTA-00003;|
No ComponentInvocation present for @Transactional annotation processing. Restriction on use of UserTransaction will not be enforced.|#]

It is only happening after I get a 400 response from a call that I’m doing to an external service. I’m not throwing an exception but processing normally, I’m updating an entity which is also being persisted.

So its unclear to me what this means, what the impact can be, and of course, how I can prevent it.

What is probably interesting to say is that the code is executed @Asynchronous.

This is the stackt trace when the log is generated.

setTransactionalTransactionOperationsManger:372, TransactionalInterceptorBase (org.glassfish.cdi.transaction)
transactional:86, TransactionalInterceptorRequiresNew (org.glassfish.cdi.transaction)
commit:480, JavaEETransactionImpl (com.sun.enterprise.transaction)
commit:960, JavaEETransactionManagerSimplified (com.sun.enterprise.transaction)
completeNewTx:666, EJBContainerTransactionManager (com.sun.ejb.containers)
postInvokeTx:492, EJBContainerTransactionManager (com.sun.ejb.containers)
postInvokeTx:4601, BaseContainer (com.sun.ejb.containers)
postInvoke:2134, BaseContainer (com.sun.ejb.containers)
call:114, EjbAsyncTask (com.sun.ejb.containers)

Best regards, Hans