Payara development with netbeans

is there anyone who develops with netbeans and payara full? As much as I update netbeans, maven and payara for years the development is very tedious because I constantly have to restart or clean and buid. What is the best combination of tools to develop j2ee applications with payara?


With the latest version of Netbeans, it should automatically build your application on any code change and redeploy it to a running Payara Server, if you start Payara Server from Netbeans. Normally, all works out of the box, you just need to add your Payara Server installation into the list of servers in Netbeans and use it to run your project: Payara Server NetBeans Plugin :: Payara Community Documentation

If it doesn’t work, check that Compile on save is enabled (in project properties, Build → Compile). Then check that in project properties, Run tab, Payara Server is selected to run your application and “Copy static resources on save” and “Deploy on save” are enabled. Sometimes it’s needed to enable “Always perform build before running application”, which will force a build using Maven before a deployment in case Netbeans doesn’t build your project automatically behind the scenes.

Alternatively, you can try runnning your project with Payara Micro, which is also supported by Netbeans and might be easier to use: Payara Micro NetBeans Plugin :: Payara Community Documentation

All the best