Payara micro: should JVM options be set on command line or via post-boot script

I see in the docs for payara micro that there is an example post-boot script with these asadmin commands:

#Optimizing Heap size
delete-jvm-options -client:-Xmx1024:-Xms512
create-jvm-options -server:-Xmx2048:-Xms2048

I’ve been assuming that -Xmx should be set as a java command line parameter like:
java -Xmx256m -jar J:\payara-micro-5.2022.5.jar myApp.war

I’m not even sure how the post-boot command could modify JVM settings, since it’s already running, but the docs do show this as their example.

What is the proper way of configuring JVM settings for payara micro?

Hi, i would say, if both works then use the more convinient method. :slight_smile: