Admin console gets unnaccesible rancomly


I have the following situation, i have a payara full webserver docker container running some spring boots rest services, however for some reason after like 10 minutes of starting the container, when i try to access the admin console on port 4848 it will become inaccesible giving a ERR_TIMED_OUT site took too long error, but accesing the 8080 or 8181 ports will respond with no issues.

¿Has anyone else encountered this behaviour before?

I also noticed that if i try to access the console in the container and try to do an asadmin restart-domain it will hang and do nothing. It seems like the asadmin gets frozen and the only solution i find is to restart the container but after 1-10 minues period the same thing happens again.

I would appreciate any tip or help in solving this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Bringing my post up just. :face_with_monocle:


Can you check the CPU assigned to the container and see if there is any high CPU usage when the Admin Console is unresponsive.

Also, when using a container, the configuration should not be changed (you should see containers as a read-only runtime) and the process cannot be restarted (A container is just designed to run a process and container dies when the main process stops)