Asadmin API for management of the payara server


I have written a post on your github project as well and was redirected to this forum, I hope this is the correct place for this topic:

we use the payara server for our applications. For the management (new domains, configurations, deployment, restarts and so on) we use the shell with asadmin commands, ansible and the admin ui for some smaller use cases.

We discovert from one of your project that there exists an api to manage the paraya server for deployment, configuration and many more (root-path: __asadmin).

I look for some documentation but I didnt found any thing except the asadmin cli (for scripting) or the admin-ui (for manuly configuration).

The payara plugin for eclipse and vs-code plugin use this api for the IDE integration and there are a lot of commands in the code of the payara server (I tried to look for some documentation in the source-code as well).

Here are some example endpoints that are accessable with default-port 4848:

  • /__asadmin/change-admin-password
  • /__asadmin/list-commands
  • /__asadmin/delete-domain
  • /__asadmin/list

My question are:

  • where can I find a documentation for the endpoints, usage and parameter
  • where I can find a list for all existing endpoints?
  • is this a stable API and can I use this for the payara management or is this only for “internal” purpose?
  • is this a “complete API” for the management of the payara server
    • its possibile to use the API instead of the CLI / AdminUI for all management / configuration operations)?

Thanks in advance

Hi @cba-manitzit,

I believe you are looking for Payara REST Interface. It is documented here-