Cannot deploy war file with Payara5-2022.4 and JDK8

I just tried the version of payara-5.2022.4 under Windows 10, but the deployment was failed.

It was found that the empty size of war file was copied in folder c:\users\username\appData\local\Temp when deploying an app war file from Payara5 admin console.

Note: The same war file can be deployed with payara-5.2022.3 and JDK 8.
Does anyone have the same issue with payara-5.2022.4 ?



Hi @jim-zhang,

Thank you for reporting this issue, this is a known issue in Payara Community 5.2022.4 which we are tracking under the internal ID FISH-6606. A PR has already been made here FISH-6606 Use Temporary Filename Only While Saving the Uploaded File by aubi · Pull Request #6014 · payara/Payara · GitHub

This issue will be resolved in the next Payara 5 Community release, however there are a few workarounds in the meantime:

You could use the asadmin CLI instead of the admin console to deploy applications, eg. asadmin deploy /path/to/application

Alternatively, you can use the “Local Packaged File or Directory That Is Accessible from Payara Server” option from the admin console.

Best Regards,

Hi James,
Yes, it is working to deploy war file with the upload option of “Local Packaged File”.
Thank you for your response to this issue.