Autodeploy for deployment groups


I have a question about autodeployment of war archives in Payara. Currently there is an autodeployment folder only at the domain level. I manage six instances divided in two deployment groups (four instances in production, two instances in pre-production)

Since I deploy my archives with maven, I would like to have an autodeploy folder at the level of my deployment groups so that the archive is automatically deployed on the relevant instances after the upload. How should I proceed?

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Hi @theirman,

Unfortunately, there is no way to do this in Payara currently, like you stated, Payara only has an autodeployment folder at the domain level.

If you would like to see this feature considered for an upcoming Payara Release, I recommend you raise an enhancement request on GitHub where your suggestion can be submitted for community voting. To do so, raise a new issue and select Enhancement Request on the Payara GitHub repository.

If you require this feature urgently, consider subscribing to Payara Enterprise which will grant you access to make direct requests to our engineers.

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