Certificates and MariaDB


I am trying to convert our servers from MySql to MariaDB on payara server 2021.10.
For the MariaDB J-connector I tried the 3.0.4 version of the driver but had the problem that it would ignore the User and Password parameters, so i switched to the v2 which is marked as stable, thus i am using 2.7.5 of the J connector from MariaDB.

The connection works without the use of certificates, but to get the certificates working instead of what mysql does and filling in the options as parameters i need to put them all in the URL string.
The only options that seem to work are user and password, the rest seems to be ignored.

Is that normal behaviour for Payara with Mariadb or should it normally recognize all Options?
BTW with Mysql that i had before the options just worked so my guess is the combination of the MariaDB J-Connector and payara that seem to not work with it.

I would love to get the parameters back working as parameters since understandably a URL string of this length is prone to errors and having some parameters work and others not is also not really user-friendly

fyi the url string i am using is: