Facing difficulty while enabling SSL connection for DB in payara 6.2023.9

Hi all,
I am using payara 6.2023.9 server for my web application.
As discussed in Bug report: Unable to connect securely to database for connection pooling · Issue #5424 · payara/Payara · GitHub - I have SSL enabled RDS db instance as well as local db with have_ssl-yes.

In domain.xml I tried with below property values,

  1. UseSSL - true
  2. SslMode - Required, Verify_CA, Verify_Identity

Also, I tried by adding global-bundle.pem and region specific pem file in cacerts.jks that too not worked.

Apart from that, I am using jdk 17.
And mysql-connector-java-8.0.29.

Much appropriate if someone can guide me for the same.

Thanks in advance.

Sagar Makwana.