Copy the definition of a JDBC connection pool when installing a new version of Payara Server

How can I avoid having to re-enter a connection pool definition (already defined in a previous version) when installing a new version of Payara Server?
What is the best way?

Hey, you can do it via a script.

You create a textfile and then you can put commands in it like:

create-jdbc-connection-pool --datasourceclassname driversourceName --restype javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource --property driverType=4:password=my_passwd:databaseName=MYDATABASE:serverName=MYSERVER:user=myuser:portNumber=42 MyConnectionPool

create-jdbc-resource --connectionpoolid MyConnectionPool --property fullyMaterializeLobData=true:fullyMaterializeInputStreams=true:progressiveStreaming=2:progressiveLocators=2 jdbc/MyConnection

Those options like progressiveStreaming are optional.

Then you create a textfile with the admin password. The content should be:

And then you start the script with:
./asadmin --user admin --passwordfile passwordfile.txt multimode --file create_domain.txt


Thanks AleksNo. I thought that, perhaps, it was possible to keep configurations of an old version at the moment of the installation of a new version.