Could not start debugging in IntelliJ IDEA

My environment is:

Payara 5.31.0 Enterprize
IntelliJ 2023.2.3 (ultimate)

And when I start debug, the application is hanging

[2023-10-23 12:12:56,769] Artifact wwwwww:ear: Waiting for server connection to start artifact deployment...

Server log:

[2023-10-23T12:36:23.103+0200] [Payara 5.31.0] [INFO] [AS-WEB-GLUE-00172] [javax.enterprise.web] [tid: _ThreadID=137 _ThreadName=Thread-14] [timeMillis: 1698057383103] [levelValue: 800] [[
  Loading application [__admingui] at [/]]]

It is possible to deploy the same artifact via command line i.e. asadmin start domain wwww and then deploy the artifact for example via admin console.

What a source of problem could be?

I’ve had exactly the same problem for a week! Our development department doesn’t know what to do anymore…
quite a problem right now. :frowning:

After the IntelliJ Update the value of the password was deleted. No idea why…