Eclipse Plugin Bug?

I think a bug was introduced in the Eclipse plugin or something is broken in the latest Eclipse and Payara. When I try to run a Maven application, the test classes are deployed as well, which should not happen. You can validate this using Cargo Tracker: GitHub - eclipse-ee4j/cargotracker: The project demonstrates how you can develop applications with Jakarta EE using widely adopted architectural best practices like Domain-Driven Design (DDD).. This did not use to be the case. The deployment works fine while not using the plugin.

Hi @reza_rahman,

The last update to the Eclipse plugin was January 21, 2022. If you have been successfully using the latest version of the Payara Eclipse plugin and Eclipse after that date, then there may have been a change in your configuration instead. Have you recently updated Eclipse?

If you believe there to be a bug within the Eclipse plugin, please raise it in the Ecosystem-Support repository over on GitHub where we can track, reproduce and keep you updated about the issue.

The ecosystem support repository can be found here: GitHub - payara/ecosystem-support: Placeholder repository to handle community requests for the Payara Platform ecosystem tools