Jakarta EE 10 project not working yet in Eclipse IDE using Payara 6 server

Hi Everyone,
From last few days ,i was trying to run eclipse cargo-tracker appliaction (maven project based on Jakarta EE 10 ) on payara 6 server in Eclipse IDE . I was encountering a same error message every time ,i try to run the applcation after starting the server of payara 6 when i click on run as on server option ,It give a Server Error message that the selection is not within module.

On Investing about the problem with fellow conributors i found that the Eclipse IDE does not support the new Jakarta EE 9/10 now, so the run as in the project context menu does not work.Try the following steps to deploy manually.

  1. mvn package -DskipTests to package the application into a war.
  2. Run payara by asadmin start domain1
  3. Copy the war to payara6\glassfish\domains\domain1\autodeploy

Thanks and Regards