Cargo Tracker Open Source App with JEE 9: Unsupported package

Hi all, I’ve been tinkering with the Cargo Tracker open source application and recently decided to try and migrate it from Payara 5 with Jakarta EE 8 to Payara 6 Alpha 2 with Jakarta EE 9. I removed all references to the unsupported javax.* packages, but during testing I noticed a ClassNotFound exception where one of the tests is attempting to use the javax.servlet.HttpServlet package despite no instances of that package being imported in the project. This results in a failure to connect to the server, since I believe the correct package is “jakarta.servlet.HttpServlet” for EE 9.

I wasn’t able to see where the test itself was using the unsupported package since it also didn’t appear to be imported or used in the test class either. How might I go about fixing this issue? I’ll be able to provide files and logs as needed.