FacesServlet in web.xml Deployment

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When I use **jakarta.**faces.webapp.FacesServlet instead of javax.faces.webapp.FacesServlet I’m unable to deploy on the command line using asadmin in Payara 5.2021.7.

Payara returns a ClassNotFoundException: jakarta.faces.webapp.FacesServlet

Not the end of the world but was starting a new application and thought I’d give both Payara and the new namespace a try. I’d take a hint if anyone has one.



jakarta.faces is package from Jakarta EE 9. Payara 5 implements Jakarta EE 8 which still uses javax namespace.

If you want to try out Jakarta EE 9.1, you can try Payara Server 6.2021.1 Alpha 1.

Hi @gesker ,

Jakarta EE 9.x support added to Payara Platform 5.x using Eclipse Transformer which by default set to auto mode and based on detection of imports in java classes. In case, jakarta.* package only added to the descriptor files, transformation can be ignored.

You may force the transformation to EE9 application by setting the property fish.payara.deployment.transform.namespace to true.

Please see the docs for more details about the property: System Properties :: Payara Community Documentation

Also share the application source code, If the above info has not helped.


Good Morning @jGauravGupta I did try setting fish.payara.deployment.transform.namespace to true under system properties in the admin console (and restarted just for good measure) but no joy on 5.x.

And, thank you @pdudits I will try 6.2021.1.Alpha1.

I have created a simple ‘Hello-World’ that uses the Jakarta EE 9 namespace
and Jakarta Server Faces 3.0

This works (for me!) on Payara 5.2021.7
Eclipse “grumbles” a bit about web.xml being at version 5.0 but it still deploys and runs.

Hope this helps,

Prof. Mike Norman
Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology,
ICT - Applications and Programming

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The issue with Jakarta FacesServlet in Payara Platform 5 should have already been fixed in version 5.2021.2. If you still face it in the latest version, please create an issue on the GitHub project, including a reproducer application.