Payara Transformer Extension on Payara 6 doesn't transform


I’m trying to deploy a Java EE 8 EAR on Payara 6.2023.2 community and it fails with the “This bundle has no bean of name …” error.

According to this article this should be possible:
Payara Deployment Transformer

Looking in the modules dir, both the API and implementation seems to be there so I shouldn’t have to install anything:


I have tried explicitly forcing deployment transformation with:


If I use the eclipse transformer CLI to transform the EAR “manually” it deploys fine but since we have 100+ customers we would like to tell them that they can upgrade from Payara 5 to 6 and still deploy our current production version which is still on Java EE 8.

Is it possible to have Payara 6 automatically transform a Java EE 8 EAR to the jakarta namespace on deployment?