EJB 2.0 CMP support

Does EJB 2.0 CMP beans are supported on Payara 5?
We are trying to deploy an EAR file which has 10 modules inside onto Payara 5. Seems the sun-cmp-mappings.xml and glassfish-ejb-jar.xml and ejb-jar.xml are correct but we are facing the following issue:
Error occurred during deployment: Exception while preparing the app : JDO74046: JDOCodeGenerator: Caught a MappingConversionException loading or creating mapping model for application ‘ApplicationName’ module ‘modulex’: JDO71003: Could not find schema file ApplicationName_modulex on classpath EarClassLoader : urlSet = [URLEntry : file:/www/xy-z/clusterDomain/applications/ApplicationName/moduley_jar/, URLEntry : file:/www/xy-z/clusterDomain/generated/ejb/ApplicationName/modulex_jar.
We have revisited the deployment descriptors and manifest files and so on. We are completely running out of ideas, what is this error about?
Any idea?


quick answer: Yes, Payara 5 supports EJB 2.0. But: Payara 5 Community is no more supported.

I suggest considering Payara 5 Enterprise with long support. As I understand, you have a bigger application (10 modules), which is quite old, so it seems you don’t want to rewrite it to the latest version of Jakarta EE. This is a perfect fit. Payara Enterprise – Payara Services Ltd