Free Payara Micro training course normally worth €1690

For a limited time, JavaPro is offering a live virtual classroom course on how to develop modern cloud-native microservices with Payara Micro and MicroProfile.

It is recommended for Java developers, software architects, project managers, Java trainers, technical consultants and sales engineers.

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Design of a cloud-native microservice architecture
  • Build microservices with MicroProfile and Payara Micro
  • Build independent REST services
  • Persist data by using Java Persistence API and MicroStream
  • Test and check your microservices
  • Build and deploy your microservices

Tickets are worth €1,690 but we are offering them for FREE.

We hope many of you will choose to learn more about Payara Micro!

Their are two courses to choose from:

European Time CET – November 22-23, 2022

US Time CST – November 29-30, 2022