Training Course: Payara Micro & MicroProfile

Payara and JAVAPRO are teaming up to provide a free course for developing for Payara Micro.

I signed up, but it looks like they require Zoom to be installed. I would never install that spyware on my machine. Is there an alternative means to view/participate (slack deskptop/web, another web video), or will the event be recorded?

Hi @jmanko,

We have reached out to the JavaPro team running the Payara Micro training course regarding your question, here is the reply we received from them:

Yes of course – we are recording all of our trainings and provide the registered attendees with the video afterwards. It can be watched on YouTube by using a special link that we send out.

After the two Payara trainings, every user that signed up should have received the link to those recordings.

I hope that is helpful and you enjoy the training courses!