Get Hazelcast Running with Payara 5.2021.4 in AWS/ECS environment


there is a nice tutorial about running Hazelcast on AWS/ECS with Spring ;-( (Thank You - Hazelcast). I now tried a whole day to get this running with Payara, too.
I opened ports 4900, 4901, 5701, add the hazelcast.yaml (as mentioned in the video) to the resource/META-INF directory of my WAR-application (where also the beans.xml lies). I also put the hazelcast-aws.jar into the “/modules/”-directory of hazelcast, so that it is in the classpath and available at start-time of Payara. I also put the dependency to hazelcast-all 4.2 into the application, but all this does not seem to have any effect

The only output I get when starting the ECS-Tasks with Payara is the following (concerning Hazelcast), which is, by the way, the same without the hazzle I did:

Registered for persistence-type = hazelcast in BackingStoreFactoryRegistry|#]
[#|2021-10-15T22:01:45.348+0000e[1;92m|INFO|e[0mPayara 5.2021.4|e[1;94mfish.payara.nucleus.hazelcast.HazelcastCore|e[0m_ThreadID=17;_ThreadName=RunLevelControllerThread-1634335290556;_TimeMillis=1634335305348;_LevelValue=800;|
Hazelcast Instance Bound to JNDI at payara/Hazelcast|#]
[#|2021-10-15T22:01:45.352+0000e[1;92m|INFO|e[0mPayara 5.2021.4|e[1;94mfish.payara.nucleus.hazelcast.HazelcastCore|e[0m_ThreadID=17;_ThreadName=RunLevelControllerThread-1634335290556;_TimeMillis=1634335305352;_LevelValue=800;|
[#|2021-10-15T22:01:45.354+0000e[1;92m|INFO|e[0mPayara 5.2021.4|e[1;94mfish.payara.nucleus.hazelcast.HazelcastCore|e[0m_ThreadID=17;_ThreadName=RunLevelControllerThread-1634335290556;_TimeMillis=1634335305354;_LevelValue=800;|

I cannot believe, that this is such a complicated problem comparing to the easy Spring tutorial, where this is set up in minutes…

Thank you very much for any hint/advice/tutorial/example


See here to set a configuration XML file within the domain (the config file must be within the domain and not within the application)


Hi, thank you very much for your responds. Is the YAML-file just OK or do I have to “convert” it to the XML-version?

We pass the file to the com.hazelcast.internal.config.ConfigLoader#load() method which appears to only accept XML formatted files.