Payara micro community Java8 support

Hi, we would like to upgrade payara micro to latest version (6.20) and wondering if it support Java 8?
Also our application use hazelcast client and understand payara already have build-in hazelcast library. Is there a way our application can use our version of hazelcast library ?
Thanks in advance for the answers.

Hi @thinnygiant,

Payara Server and Payara Micro 6 no longer support Java 8 as per our supported platforms: Supported Platforms :: Payara Community Documentation. If you require continued support for Java 8, I would strongly recommend a Payara Enterprise subscription, where Payara 5 Enterprise will continue to be maintained and support JDK 8 until 2028.

With regards to changing the Hazelcast version, I don’t believe this is currently possible, you can connect Payara to an external Hazelcast datagrid, although we strongly recommend using the same version of Hazelcast to avoid any issues with synchronization.

Best Regards,

@JamesHillyard Thanks for the reply. One clarification, if our application needs hazelcast library , are we only allowed to use hazelcast library that bundles with payara or can we use our own custom hazelcast library by setting classpath or something?