How to make a replied as a solution or answer?


Regarding to my previous post [1], I cannot find how to make a replied as a solution or answer?

What I expect is something like the following: -


I’m not sure If the marking as a solution or answer is only applicable for some forum categories or not. Anyhow I understand that it would be nice to have it so that we know the topic has been answered and may help our community if someone face the same issue or searching in the future.

Could you please help to advise?

[1] The Community Engagement Page still has text as Google Forum - #2 by Marketing

I think that is a pretty good suggestion! And it definitely seems doable. Will do some research!

Ive enabled the solutions plug in now. You should find the option to check a solution box by clicking the 3 dots … to expand the post menu.

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That’s great. :+1:

Anyhow, do we have any chance to only allow the topic owner or the forum moderator to mark it ?

Ive had a play and I think Ive enabled that now.

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I can confirm that If I’m not an owner of that topic, I’m not able to see the “Solution” link/button.

Thank you. :heart_eyes:

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