"java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot modify frozen instance for com.sun.gjc.monitoring.JdbcStatsProvider

Hi Payara Community !

Please could you advise on the following - during the start of application on Payara I have an exception with a mesage: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot modify frozen instance for com.sun.gjc.monitoring.JdbcStatsProvider

I use Payara Server 5.24.0,

As far as I’ve investigated, JdbcStatsProvider class is from jdbc-core.jar that is not a part of Payara distribution that I use.

What would be a correct solution here ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @jack.woodworker, I’m sorry but the release you have reported this issue from is an official Payara Enterprise build and its support is covered through an active Payara Enterprise subscription.

Can you confirm that you either:

  • Belong to an organization that has an active Payara Enterprise subscription? If so, please contact one of the account holders of your subscription to raise this request via the official support channels.
  • Received the build through an organization that has an active Payara Enterprise subscription that re-distributes the build to you? If so, please contact them to receive support since all requests must come from companies that hold active accounts.

If none of the above applies to your case, I’m afraid that you’re in violation of the Enterprise EULA and I must request that you stop using this binary immediately and instead use the latest Payara Community release (5.2022.3).

After this, you are free to verify if this issue is present on the Community build so that we can proceed with investigating your report as usual.

Best Regards,

Hi @JamesHillyard ,

thanks for getting back. You are right, this issue we encountered is part of a project we develop for the client who is using Payara Enterprise. As you advised, I will ask who is an account holder and request to post this question to official support through a subscription.

Thanks again for quick turnaround

Hi @jack.woodworker,

Thank you for confirming that, our team of support engineers will be glad to help you with this issue through the official support portal.

Best Regards,