Payara 5.2020.4 community - How to change setting 「max-idle-seconds」of hazelcast config?

Previously, with Payara 4, we used Hazelcast cluster/data grid.
We configured cluster discovery and the max-idle-seconds by file called hazelcast-config.xml

Now with Payara 5, hazelcast seems to be rolled in.
Cluster member discovery (domain discovery mode) “just works” without using a hazelcast-config.xml
Problem is, max-idle-seconds does not work without the xml file.
And if I supply hazelcast-config.xml it gives me my ttl configuration, but I lose domain discovery.
Is there a way I can have both domain discovery and data grid, max-idle-seconds configuration with Payara 5?

Have you tried just setting this property using a System property see Configuring with System Properties and Environment Variables (