Payara 6 CE on JDK 19

Payara 6 implements Jakarta EE 10, so it will run on JDK 11 … JDK 17 officially.

As meanwhile JDK 19 is published, is it safe to run Payara 6 on JDK 19 in production or would that be a bad idea?

Hi @mkarg,

While Payara may run on JDK 19, we do not officially support it and advise against using JDK 19 with Payara, especially in production. While it may work exactly as you expect, we don’t guarantee this and will be unable to provide JDK 19 specific support as per the community support policy.

A full list of our supported, and therefore recommended, JVMs and Operating Systems can be found on the ‘Supported Platforms’ page in the documentation: Supported Platforms :: Payara Community Documentation