Payara caching gzipped files?

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i tried searching the forum, but i wasn’t able to find the fitting question.

We have microservices using payara micro. These services usually service some additional static files (main.js, some css).

The payara will receive quite some load and we are “afraid” that it will “recompress” these files again and again. The main.js file is around 2.6mb.

We want to use these settings:${protocol-name}.http.compression${protocol-name}.http.compressable-mime-type

So my question is:

  • Is payara micro caching the compressed files somewhere (ram/hdd)?

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Hi, you can enable file-based caching for all static resources, including gzipped javascript files: Tuning the GlassFish Server.

In Payara Micro, you can configure this in a pre-boot command file with the following set commands:



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Thank you very much!