Technical issues causes payara 6 to shutdown without any errors in the logs

I’ve a web application with java 17 and jakartaEE10
The app used to work fine but lately the app keep crashing every 5 to 10 minute with a error code of 503 ( proxy error) the logs shows no error and CPU and RAM never reached 80%. I tried to move the app and server to another VM but the errors keep triggering.
I use payara 6 2022 and jdk 17.0.6,jakartaEE 10, I suspected that maybe some code is taking so long to execute or going to infinite loop or my privileges. I’m debugging the whole application right now.
The error is frustrating and what’s make it more frustrating is that there is no obvious cause to this sudden behaviour.
For that I’m asking the kind community is anyone have encountered this type of behaviour and error and how did he/she fixed or what could possibly caused it.