Payara 5.2022 stops after a while of running

Hi all,
Some time ago I installed Payara 5.2022 Community in a Cloud Server with Ubuntu 20.04, JRE 8 u281 and 1 MB of RAM to run an small aplication in java ee.
All days I have to restart Payara because i find that stopped.
I can’t find the reason of this behaviour, looking in server log i see this message:

[2024-05-20T20:17:30.331+0000] [Payara 5.2022.5] [INFO] [AS-WEB-GLUE-00172] [javax.enterprise.web] [tid: _ThreadID=279 _ThreadName=admin-thread-pool::admin-listener(10)] [timeMillis: 1716236250331] [levelValue: 800] [[
Loading application [AguaLectura] at [/AguaLectura]]]

[2024-05-20T20:17:30.648+0000] [Payara 5.2022.5] [INFO] [javax.enterprise.system.core] [tid: _ThreadID=279 _ThreadName=admin-thread-pool::admin-listener(10)] [timeMillis: 1716236250648] [levelValue: 800] [[
AguaLectura was successfully deployed in 4,633 milliseconds.]]

[2024-05-20T22:10:32.746+0000] [Payara 5.2022.5] [INFO] [tid: _ThreadID=9 _ThreadName=GlassFish Shutdown Hook] [timeMillis: 1716243032746] [levelValue: 800] [[
FileMonitoring shutdown]]

someone have some idea what is happening?

Hi Fernando, it’s good to hear from you!

Payara ended all support for Payara Community 5 in December 2022 so unfortunately, we are unable to assist users of this version.

For more information see: How Does Payara 6 Affect Your Application’s Future?

If your application running on Payara 5 is critical, consider investing in a Payara Enterprise subscription, which gives you access to our dedicated support ticket service in addition to the latest patches for Payara 4 / 5 / 6.