Are websockets supported?

Good afternoon, we are migrating from Glassfish4 and one service uses websockets. The applications are deployed, but we are not able to connect. I did search and saw some people had problems with 5.1, however I am currently running Payara Server 5.2021.3 #badassfish (build 3582).

On the admin I do have “Websockets Support” checked under both HTTP and HTTP2 listeners.

These are hosted in Amazon, behind an ELB load balancer, but this should be a non issue as the existing are as well.

Any help in diagnosing is appreciated.


WebSockets are still supported, they are part of the Jakarta EE standard. If you have an issue with WebSockets, the best thing to do is to create a small example that documents and reproduces the issue and raise the issue at Github: Issues · payara/Payara · GitHub.

There’s currently one known issue with WebSockets which wasn’t fixed because it’s an edge case and there wasn’t much interest from the community to fix it: websockets not working on virtual server /CUSTCOM-97 · Issue #3311 · payara/Payara · GitHub. It’s a very specific usecase, WebSockets don’t work only if the application is deployed as the default web module on a virtual server. If you hit this issue, let me know and I can reopen it for you. Otherwise raise a new issue.