Looking for Glassfish Payara Server Version

I’m actually using the version of the Glassfish Payara Server.
According to the documentation security fixes
The migration to version would help to mitigate several security vulnerabilities.

I manage to download the version but I didn’t found the “patched” version
Is this version not available to the community ?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


The release of Payara Server is a patch release of and it’s available only to Payara Enterprise customers. If you’re not a customer, you should use Payara Server 5, because is the latest public release of Payara 4 and there’s no public version of Payara 4 which contains fixes in

If you’re interested in getting support for Payara Server 4, I invite you to contact Payara at Payara Enterprise Downloads – Payara Services Ltd

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