Dockerfile for payara/server-full:4.181


I am looking for a Dockerfile of your image ‘payara/server-full:4.181’… Can you provide it?

According to DockerHub this image was last pushed last 4 years ago and there are many vulnerabilities and I would like to recreate it using new base linux image.


I’ve found it at the archived repository as payara/docker-payaraserver-full

The version 4.181 resides at the branch named 4.181 as payara/docker-payaraserver-full branch 4.181.

Hope this may be useful.

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Payara 4 community is no longer supported since 3 years. it contains several known security vulnerabilities. So it is recommended to upgrade to Payara 5 Community or consider Payara Enterprise is you want to stay on Payara 4.

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