Payara in docker for apple m1 chip

Hi there,

I would like to run payara in docker on m1 apple chip.

I have already find in docker hub only os type - linux/amd64.

Is there any option to use payara in docker for apple m1 chip, os type - linux/arm/v8?

Thanks in advanced


Although Payara Community edition runs on Arm architecture, Payara doesn’t offer Docker images for Arm and there’s no intention to do so.

However, there’s a community project that provides Dockerfile to build Arm-based Docker image of Payara Micro, which you could use if you only need Payara Micro.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the community Arm-based project: GitHub - schipplock/payara-micro-arm64-linux


Hi Ondrej,

Could you send the link to the project for arm-based docker image of Payara micro?



Here’s the link: GitHub - schipplock/payara-micro-arm64-linux. I thought I added the link earlier but I apparently forgot. I also updated my previous answer.