Eclipse Payara Tools on Apple Silicon :-(

[Running Eclipse OpenJDK Temurin-17.0.1+12 for Aarch64]
Last week I tried adding the Eclipse PayaraTools (tried both via Marketplace and the ‘raw’ Github link … payara/ecosystem-eclipse-plugin/release-artifacts/repository/latest/) - it needs
‘Sapphire XML Support - 9.1.1’ which I found in ‘Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse’

Once I added that, the progress bar indicated things were okay … then after the restart, I could not
find Payara in the list of Server adapters in Preferences.
I opened the Error Log and found references to
com.sun.jna 4.5.1 … looking for range between [4.5.1,5.0.0)
The Eclipse distribution “Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java and Web Developers” has moved
to com.sun.jna 5.8.0 - presumably because folks have reported that that is the version
with M1 ‘Apple Silicon’ support

Is it possible you can create a version of the Eclipse PayaraTools that does NOT depend
on Sapphire? According to its web-site (and the ‘Health’ button on MarketPlace), that
project has shutdown.


Professor Mike Norman
Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology,
School of Advanced Technology
ICT - Applications and Programming

Hi Mike,

I am working on a priority to fix this issue. The new version of Payara Eclipse tools will be available soon and I will update here too.

Gaurav Gupta

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I saw that ver 1.4.2 is available: it still uses the Sapphire XML Support
which brings in the old JNA that does not work on M1 Macs