Eclipse Payara Tools on Apple Silicon :-(

[Running Eclipse OpenJDK Temurin-17.0.1+12 for Aarch64]
Last week I tried adding the Eclipse PayaraTools (tried both via Marketplace and the ‘raw’ Github link … payara/ecosystem-eclipse-plugin/release-artifacts/repository/latest/) - it needs
‘Sapphire XML Support - 9.1.1’ which I found in ‘Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse’

Once I added that, the progress bar indicated things were okay … then after the restart, I could not
find Payara in the list of Server adapters in Preferences.
I opened the Error Log and found references to
com.sun.jna 4.5.1 … looking for range between [4.5.1,5.0.0)
The Eclipse distribution “Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java and Web Developers” has moved
to com.sun.jna 5.8.0 - presumably because folks have reported that that is the version
with M1 ‘Apple Silicon’ support

Is it possible you can create a version of the Eclipse PayaraTools that does NOT depend
on Sapphire? According to its web-site (and the ‘Health’ button on MarketPlace), that
project has shutdown.


Professor Mike Norman
Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology,
School of Advanced Technology
ICT - Applications and Programming

Hi Mike,

I am working on a priority to fix this issue. The new version of Payara Eclipse tools will be available soon and I will update here too.

Gaurav Gupta

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I saw that ver 1.4.2 is available: it still uses the Sapphire XML Support
which brings in the old JNA that does not work on M1 Macs

This issue is now more than 6 months old - is anyone working on a way for
the Sapphire library to reference the fixed JNA that does work on M1 Macs?

Hi @mwnorman,

Unfortunately at this time we do not have the resources to test or reproduce bugs on Apple M1 hardware, therefore we will not be able to review or fix this bug.

If there is a large desire from the community to have Apple M1 hardware support on Payara we may re-review this. Alternatively if you wish you can submit a PR with a fix, we always encourage you to contribute!