Can't access to secure admin console remotely using my domain name

Hi everyone
I have an Azure VM, I have installed Payara ce 6-2024-1 on it and changed de admin port to 5348, I successfully configured DAS to access the admin console remotely, I can access them using without a problem, when I use the IP associated to the VM I also can access the console.
Now, I also have an alias in my DNS registry to this Azure VM, something like this, so, when I try to use the alias in the URL, I get the following error:

In Payara 5 I didn’t have this problem, the same procedure to enable DAS and access the console remotely works well.

Has anyone had a similar issue? Any idea to solve it?

Thank you.

PS: before I configured DAS, I was able to see the console login page using the DNS alias.

it is not related with Payara and Azure. Check your DNS settings Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

Thanks @brasta78 for your reply, but as I wrote in the post script, I can access to the logon page of the admin console using my domain name before I configure DAS, so, my DNS entry is working well.
Someone have another idea?

Hi everyone
I found the cause of the error, but I don’t know why it happens only with TLS enabled and since Payara 6; in Payara 5 it works well whit and without TLS enabled.
The problem is the name of my subdomain, I had a subdomain something like this:, in Payara 6 it only works if TLS isn’t enabled.

SOLUTION: change the subdomain name to my-subdomain