Payara closes connection over HTTPS

We have a web application that supports SSE messaging. In short, clients open an HTTP connection that the server keeps open, so that notification payloads can be sent to clients asynchronously.

On our test environment, everything is working as expected. The client sends a request which stays open for as long as we need it (multiple days).

The production environment is identical to the development environment (Payara 5.2020.7). The issue on production is that the server seems to be closing the connection every 60sec or so. Then the client is forced to send a new request. Both servers have identical configuration, the only difference that I can see is that the development system is accessed over HTTP, whereas the production system is accessed over HTTPS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Two ideas: did you try with a recent version since yours is almost two years old? Maybe it’s a bug.
Did you try setting the timeout for the https listener to a higher value? Maybe the default timeout is different for http and https.
Best regards

That was it, the timeout setting fixed it.

Many thanks