Upgrade from Payara 5ce to 6ce

Is there an update path & guide from 5 ce to 6 ce.
I’ve tried the guide on Upgrading Payara Server :: Payara Community Documentation

which specifically says that the instructions won’t work for a 5-6 upgrade so I don’t know if the errors I’m getting are caused by an unsupport path or if they are legitimate errors.

by taking a backup and restoring as the guide dictates I get issues requesting the masterpassword which I do not know. I’d have assumed that any masterpassword/file setting should have been included in the backup


Hi @jojo77,

As you identified the existing methods of upgrading Payara Server 5 do not apply for upgrading from Payara 5 → Payara 6. We are currently investigating why this doesn’t work and aim to have an upgrade path available soon.

For now we recommend using a new installation and setup of Payara Server 6, although we are aware that solution is not ideal, your patience while we investigate upgrade paths is appreciated

Best Regards,

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Is there already a solution for this?