VS Code Extension Broken?

I think a bug was introduced in the VS Code extension. I now cannot register an existing domain. This used to work fine.

Hi, @reza_rahman.

I am not able to verify it for Payara tools v1.1.1 and Visual Studio Code - Insiders (Version - 1.70.0-insider)

I am not sure how to help you reproduce the problem. Here is my setup:

Windows - 11 22H2

Java - 2022-04-22 LTS

VS Code - 1.71.2

Payara Tools - v1.1.1

Hi @reza_rahman,

Thank you for following up with this, I see you have raised an issue on our Ecosystem Support repository in GitHub, thank you for doing this! Bug Report: VS Code Cannot Register Existing Domain · Issue #56 · payara/ecosystem-support · GitHub

I will begin an investigation on this issue shortly and will provide updates both here and on GitHub.